The Catholic Women's League of Canada Logo. It depicts a blue cross, surrounded by branches of maple leaves. It's motto is: For God and Canada

Catholic Women's League

Catholic Women's League

The Catholic Women’s League is a group of Catholic women rooted in gospel values and in service to God and God’s people. The CWL has been active at St. John’s since 1925, serving both the parish of St. John’s and the town of Newmarket.


They sponsor speakers and various events, provide service to the community, hold retreats, engage in political action on behalf of the marginalized and provide companionship for women of all ages. Each year, the CWL donates children's religious books to the school libraries. The annual CWL Christmas Bazaar, held each November, is one of the parish's most popular events.


You can learn more about the Catholic Women's League by visiting the national website.

Executive Meeting - First Tuesday of the month - 7:30 pm

General Meeting - Third Tuesday of the month - 7:30 pm


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